faucetDid you know that the addition of chlorine in drinking water has been the standard in water treatment in the United States since 1904?
For over 100 years we have trusted and relied on chlorine to kill off any waterborne pathogens and kill off most microorganisms in the water.

The bad news is that chlorine treatment does not absolutely ensure that by the time our drinking water comes out of our home faucet, it is free of unhealthy microorganisms including the dangerous bacteria such as e-coli and coliform. Even minimal exposure to these types of bacteria can cause symptoms similar to the flu, such as headaches, diarrhea, cramps, nausea or vomiting.

There is also an ‘ugly side’ to adding chlorine to reduce bacteria in your drinking water. And it has to do with the long-term health effects of chlorine and its DBP’s – (disinfection by- products.) In the 1970’s, scientists discovered that when chlorine is added to water, it forms THMs or Trihalomethanes, one of which is chloroform. THMs will increase the production of free radicals in the body and are highly carcinogenic – cancer causing!

Chlorine and THMS have been linked to various types of cancer, including colon and bladder, kidney and liver damage, immune system dysfunction, disorders of the nervous system, hardening of the arteries, and birth defects.

According to the U.S. Council of Environmental Quality, the cancer risk among people drinking chlorinated water is as much as 93 percent higher than among those drinking water that does not contain chlorine.
Relying on chlorine disinfection alone is a false guarantee that the water from your tap is safe to drink, and, the chlorine itself is dangerous!

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