Meet Kathleen Martin Ruggiero and Stephen Minion 

 a.k.a. The Water Couple!


Kathleen and Stephen
Kathleen and Stephen are committed to living a healthy life.  Both have had a ‘health consciousness’  for over 40 years, which means making the important healthy choices that create optimal health, including eating pure healthy food and drinking pure healthy water.

 As entrepreneurs, it was a natural choice to become  ‘ecopreneurs ‘by joining the  Multi Pure company to educate and provide a superior water filtration system for their family, friends and customers who share their concern for drinking only pure water. 

 Kathleen Martin Ruggiero is a certified Life and Wellness Coach helping people to live balanced, healthy lives. You can find Kathleen here: 


 Stephen Minion is the owner of Minion Media Marketing helping small businesses succeed online and offline. You can learn more about Stephen here-






About Multipure

Providing pure drinking water for more than 40 years!

Multipure is a company that believes in improving quality of life, whether by providing products to

make people healthier, or by providing the opportunity for financial success. Multipure believes in

family, and in work that complements home and family life.


Multipure believes that everyone should have affordable access to high quality drinking water ­

water that is clean, delicious, and healthful; water that is free of contaminants that could

negatively affect its taste, its appearance, and its healthfulness; water that is perfect for families,

children, and pets.


Multipure is not just the industry leader and provider of the best drinking water systems in the

world. Multipure believes in providing the tools for people to create their own success, to achieve

their dreams, and to help others discover their opportunity. Through the Multipure Business

Opportunity, Multipure wants to help people achieve not just success, but personal growth and

development, to help them gain self­awareness and self­confidence, and help them discover and

utilize their inner potential.

Multipure wants to improve the world, one glass of water at a time, one person at a time.